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Mulgoa Vet Clinic
1284 Mulgoa Rd
NSW 2745

02 4773 9091

Meet our Team!

  • Dr Bernice Blom
    and Kota

    I first decided to be a vet after my father unfortunately ran over my dog and I met the local vet to discuss Rocky's options. I began working with him as a kennel hand after school and weekends, working my way up to veterinary receptionist and nurse over the years.

    I worked as a vet nurse whilst studying at university. After graduating Sydney university I continued as a Veterinary Intern at Camden, before working and travelling in England.

    Upon my return to Australia, I worked in mixed animal practice and at Richmond TAFE teaching a variety of animal courses, before buying the practice here in January 2005.

    I am enjoying the challenge of mixed animal practice in the lovely Mulgoa Valley. The days are filled with variety of animals and the clients are lovely. I treat, (besides the expected dogs, cats, horses and cattle) a range of animals from budgies to elephants! We also provide assistance with WIRES.

    I own a horse, a cat and a dog, Dougal. Dougal is the mascot and face of the clinic on facebook and most days greets the clients at the carpark with a toy in his mouth eager for a game.


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