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Mulgoa Vet Clinic
1284 Mulgoa Rd
NSW 2745

02 4773 9091

Preventative Health Care

Health checks & General Consultations

Vaccinations and preventative health (C3, C5, F3, heartworm injections and arthritis injections for dogs)

Desexing (we desex male and female dogs and cats as well as male rabbits)

Grooming (including hyrdobaths, nail trims, baths for skin conditions and basic clips)

Nutritional advice

Behavioural advice

Weight control advice

All animals are given a thorough examination and treated with the best of care as part of every visit! 


Other Services Include

House calls



Pathology - both in house and external laboratory for extensive investigation



Puppy preschool and Kindy - to start your dog on the best behaviour

Cat Boarding

We also have access to specialists for referrals when required 

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