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Reptiles as pets

Reptiles can make great pets just like dogs and cats. They're fairly low maintenance animals and are relatively cheap to care for once you have a good set-up.

You will need a licence to keep reptiles.

There are different classes of licenses. A license for most of the common reptiles (R1) is easy to apply for on NPWS website and takes about 3 weeks to get. It entitles you to keep: common blue tongues, bearded dragons, some turtles, children's & carpet pythons. They have a more comprehensive list on the site, but that's the basics. You need to hold the Class 1 license for 2 years and be over 18 before you are able to upgrade to a higher license and reptiles that are more difficult to keep.

Pythons such as Diamond, Olive, Stimson's, Black Headed and Carpet pythons are pretty docile and have quite a ‘wow' factor. They get used to regular handling and are happy to curl around your shoulders. Just be careful as certain types like the olive python can grow to be huge!

Lizards and geckos are especially great pets for kids. Bearded dragons are very cute and interactive. They are great with kids, very tolerant. The picture is of Brianna and her beardy Ash. They have a great bond giving her kisses and cuddles all the time. Its fun watching them chase after crickets at feeding time!

Blue tongues are shyer and generally don't like as much attention as the bearded

The geckos are great to watch but can get stressed if handled too (particularly by little ones).

Just ensure that you do your research when buying a reptile enclosure. Heating is the most important aspect of keeping reptiles as they cannot thermo-regulate like humans and need a good heat source.

AND Never just take a reptile from the wild - please source the animals from reputable sources.

Otherwise, happy reptiling!






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