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Dog Park Etiquette

About 1 month ago the Jamison Park Off Leash Dog Park began being used by more and more dogs and humans after the tireless work of a group of dedicated Dog Lovers meant the area was fenced and became ‘safe'. Congratulations!

Dougal and Bernice have been there most weeks, usually with the Herbert clan of border collies, and it's great to see so many of our furry friends having a ball. Apparently, more seats, some agility equipment etc is still coming. With daylight savings ending early this month, lights for the park is becoming an important item on the wish list. If you use facebook, perhaps you'd like to join 'Fenced Dog Park for Penrith'

For those of you interested in visiting an off-leash Dog Park for the first time, here are some important points before you set off to the dog park make sure:

  • Your dog is over 4 months old, its vaccination, flea and worm protection are all up to date.
  • You know your dog is not aggressive to other dogs or people and has some basic obedience listens and responds to you even when excited! (Cheeky Pup! Dog Training runs socialisation and obedience classes in Mulgoa for pups, and for dogs up to 2 years old)
  • To walk your dog for at least 20 minutes before going to the park to take the edge off their energy and excitement.

When you arrive at the park:

  • Stand outside the area and observe how the other dogs are playing so you know who to avoid and who to approach, also note which owners are monitoring their dog's behaviour and intervening when necessary.
  • If you are not happy with how the dogs in the park are playing or feel their owners are not acting responsibly don't go into the off-leash area, take your dog for a walk around other parts of the park instead.
  • Keep your dog on-leash until you enter the fenced in area.


Upon entering the off-leash area:

  • Wait until the other dogs have been called away from the entrance.
  • Make sure the gate is firmly closed behind you.
  • Drop your dog's leash and let it drag on the ground and walk your dog around the perimeter of the park or through an area away from the entry where there are no or few dogs.
  • Let your dog meet a few dogs, one at a time, and if your dog is behaving nicely remove the leash.
  • If your dog is not sure about being at the park leave their leash on and dragging on the ground and keep walking them around the park so they can check out the smells and sights and get the lay of the land.
  • Keep moving and stay fairly close to your dog at all times, this is not the time to sit down and chat with other owners - keep your dog's safety in mind at all times and move them away from other dogs if anyone starts to lose control or play too roughly for your dog.
  • If things get too rough do not shout at the dogs, stay calm and act decisively to get your dog out of the area - don't automatically assume you have to leave the park, just move away and direct your dog's energy and attention onto yourself.
  • Once your dog has had some time to play and socialise with other dogs and people, move to a quiet part of the park and have your dog lie down and enjoy some relaxing time together.
  • Always take poop bags and clean up after your dog - it's a $275 fine if you don't plus you make it messy and dangerous for other people and dogs.
  • If you are not sure if the park has water available for dogs take your own bottle and bowl, making new friends is thirsty work! 


Things not to take to the dog park:

  • Young children as they may get knocked down, jumped on, or chased. The noise and movement of young children also scares some dogs and may cause the dog to misbehave or worse.
  • Food for yourself or your dog, some dogs become aggressive around food and some will just bother you constantly for a snack.
  • Dog toys (except for a quiet tug toy), again some dogs become very protective of toys. You may take a non-squeaky tug toy to the dog park but keep it to yourself and only use it once you have left the park to get your dog focused on you as you play with them on the way to the car - we don't want them to think the fun ends once they leave the park, you need to be the most important source of fun and love and exercise for your dog so they have good reasons to keep listening to you.

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