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Mulgoa Vet Clinic
1284 Mulgoa Rd
NSW 2745

02 4773 9091

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Obay - Click online and Save!

Are you tired of paying too much for pet products including flea & tick products, food, shampoos, pet toys etc? Do you shop online (don't we all)? We are part of a group of vets who supply the products we recommend, direct from the warehouse to you, thereby providing you with convenience to shop at your leisure, a greater choice of products we would use but don't have the room to stock in clinic and of course lower prices.

We all know that shopping on the Internet can be significantly cheaper than shops etc. By using the unique vet code for us at Mulgoa Veterinary Clinic EUSQ4882, you will automatically see the difference direct shipping can have. Here are 3 simple steps to get you those big savings

  1. Get onto by clicking on the link or typing it into the search bar above.
  2. Enter our unique vet code EUSQ4882.
  3. Enjoy all the slashed prices!


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