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Brrrrring on Winter!

Welcome to Winter 2015! We're settling into the shorter days & longer nights & gosh is getting out of bed just not the hardest thing to do!?! Some of us are feeling the cold in our bones & its the same for our fellow furry friends! You may notice your pet may be a bit stiff, having trouble sitting or lying down and/or isn't getting around how they used to. Chances are they could be suffering from some arthritis in their joints (yes our poor little friends can suffer the same horrid things that we do!).

Thankfully, there are a number of products, treatments & management plans we can use to help ease & improve your pet's quality of life. There is a new product coming into our clinic called 'Glyde' by Parnell. Glyde can come in a chewable treat or a powder that can be added to any meal, it contains chondroitin, glucosamine and green lipped mussel (no shark cartilage as other products may have, yay!). The other great reason to use Glyde is that your treatment plan will only cost you $1 a day! Imagine having your pet happy, comfortable & inflammation free for only $1 a day! You may know the injectable version that we usually use for our patient's called 'zydax'. There are a few ways in which you can succeed in helping your pet feel some relief & comfort this winter. Call us to speak to one of our knowledgeable nurses regarding treatment for your much loved dog or cat.

There's also a few things you could do at home to ensure your pet keeps that level of comfort all year round.

  • Getting a coat/rug for your short haired or older pet during the cold winter nights will help keep in a great deal of warmth (get a waterproof coat & they'll stay cozy on rainy days!).
  •  Regular exercise in accordance to your pet's lifestyle helps them stretch out their muscles & keeps the mind active. 
  • A warm, elevated bed with plenty of cushioning to help aching joints rest & buffer your pet's joints & the cold, hard ground.

Its little things you can do for your beloved family pet that can really help & give them the comfort that they love. We all know how we struggle to get those blankets off in the morning without our much needed heater, by our side; it's much the same for our furry friends! Call us or pop by to ask us how we can better assist you & your pet! (02) 4773 9091.


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